Archer Jockers is a unique book consultancy founded by Jodie Archer, PhD, and Matt Jockers, PhD, creators of “the bestseller-ometer” and authors of The Bestseller Code.


Jodie has almost twenty years of experience with contemporary literature and the book industry as a researcher, lecturer, writer, and acquisitions editor. Matt has six years of work in the book industry and over twenty years of experience as a professor and scholar of literature and text mining.

As a team, they became known in the book world for seven years of research that led to their book and an algorithm that analyzed thousands of books in order to uncover the most common, and predictable, traits of bestselling fiction.  Archer and Jockers have continued their research and are now helping writers from across the spectrum—from literary novelists to genre authors—to improve their manuscripts and understand their craft from an enlightening, new, data-driven perspective.