A New Page . . .

After receiving dozens of emails from readers of The Bestseller Code asking us to run their manuscripts through our “bestseller-ometer,” Archer Jockers became a business in October of 2017.  We have operated for two years helping authors develop and improve their manuscripts.  The feedback we have gotten about our service has been heartwarming, and we have really enjoyed working with so many great writers. Writing The Bestseller Code and helping aspiring writers was always a passion project for the two of us. After two years in the business, we have both decided it is time to pursue other opportunities. 

Effective November 1, 2019 Archer Jockers is no longer be processing manuscripts.

Jodie has become a full time writer in different fields. She continues to be an advocate for innovation and change in publishing and narrative. She now has her own boutique publishing press, Sidonia Press. Check out her website www.jodiearcher.com from next month or joining the mailing list there now.

Matt meanwhile has teamed up with author-entrepreneurs J.D. Lasica and James Rosone to help create a new platform for independent authors. They plan to debut the new site and service in late 2019 or early 2020. For updates on that, please subscribe to our mailing list.