A New Page . . .

After receiving dozens of emails from readers of The Bestseller Code asking us to run their manuscripts through our “bestseller-ometer,” Archer Jockers became a business in October of 2017.  We have operated for two years helping authors develop and improve their manuscripts.  The feedback we have gotten about our service has been heartwarming, and we have really enjoyed working with so many great writers. Writing The Bestseller Code and helping aspiring writers was always a passion project for the two of us. After two years in the business, we have both decided it is time to pursue other opportunities. 

Effective October 31, 2019 Archer Jockers will no longer be processing manuscripts.

Jodie has decided to pursue a full-time writing career. You will be able to find her at www.jodiearcher.com. Stay in touch via her sign up page there.

Matt meanwhile has teamed up with author-entrepreneurs J.D. Lasica and James Rosone to help create a new platform for independent authors that we plan to debut in a matter of weeks. Please check back here for an update.

Archer Jockers is a unique book consultancy founded by Jodie Archer and Matt Jockers, experts on the DNA of fiction and authors of The Bestseller Code.  We help writers, agents and publishers find the next books that everyone will love.

Plot Shape

Plot Shape

Manuscript Analysis

At Archer Jockers we analyze over 3000 data points mined with our advanced proprietary methods. We interpret them for you into seven relevant and relatable aspects of successful fiction, and then give every manuscripts a set of scores represented as star ratings.

  1. Plot & Emotion
  2. Topic & Theme
  3. Character agency
  4. Character personalities
  5. Style
  6. Setting
  7. Ratings

Plot & Emotion

We create a visualization of your plot shape in two ways. First we look for the traditional three act structure in a book. Then we look for a symmetrical and rhythmic plot line that will make pages turn.

Character Personalities

Character Personalities

Thematic Analysis

Our research revealed the importance of thematic focus. Top selling novels achieve focus and clarity by having three or four focalizing themes that claim 30% of the manuscript. We use two proprietary thematic models on every manuscript.

Character Agency

Of course, character can be make or break for a new author. Our algorithms study the way characters behave and identify characters who will move the plot.  

Character Personalities

New since publishing The Bestseller Code, we now show your characters and their temperaments. Authors are well-advised to create some contrast in temperaments in order to develop a gripping plot. When talking with clients, we discuss how adding and subtracting key scenes in certain plot moments can help authors create better character personalities.


Major Themes

Major Themes


Our metrics provide information about the way a manuscript uses language.  We examine sentence structures and syntactical complexity and then compare the data from your manuscript to similar data mined from thousands of other books.


Editors like to know about geographical setting when they are choosing books for their specific list. Our process identifies the most prominent places in a manuscript. 


Bestselling is about finding the sweet spot in many of these areas. We rate every category using a five star rating system.