We are now seeing stars!


Since The Bestseller Code, we have been asked for star ratings tens of thousands of times. Everyone wants stars. The industry recognizes them; reviewers recognize them. We thought them better than a percentage rating of a book’s likely success. Sometimes two star books sell, but not often. Sometimes five star books bomb. But we have rarely seen it. Reviewers out there like to make or break a book based on who they are that day. Reviews all over the internet will give the same work one, two, five or even ten stars (with the five extra in brackets on the Amazon review). That’s great and we are all for team spirit in making a book. But where is the data informing the review? What about that review is anything more than a reader’s preconceived opinions? Where is the constructive and creative criticism for an author? Where’s the care?

We care about authors getting objective feedback. Let’s not boo books any more, especially not when an author has tried for weeks, months, or years to write it. Let’s be constructive. Let’s force the industry and its readers to come back to the table and think about books in new and  ingenious ways based on data and not just endless opinion. Let’s help editors get it right, too. And let’s help agents expand their thinking. We hope to join the conversation from a positive note, and we hope to read and respond to your book through our single author reports or via our face-to-face VIP sessions .

Good luck! Star ratings in seven areas of your novel are now available as a core feature of our personalized manuscript reports.


The Hours Spent Forming a Digital Opinion

We are frequently asked how much time and research goes into adding a new feature to our manuscript analysis pipeline.  That's complicated because there is research and prototyping, then there is testing and quality assurance, and then there is implementation.  Our newest feature that identifies and extracts character personalities represents years of research, months of prototyping, and several weeks of heads down coding to get the implementation just right.    

Archer Jockers launches Character Personality Analysis

We have been first to the market of digital analysis of books and book discovery in lots of things. This week, we are excited to share a new addition to our products for authors and agents. We are able now to use computational research to highlight the key elements of characters across a novel. Author reports now feature bar graphs (like the one below) for key characters in every book we analyze. So far, authors are blown away by these data. Here’s a favorite for the women out there: Fifty Shades of Grey’s infamous hero Christian Grey, now the star of his own series. Send us your books for analysis. We now offer comprehensive feedback on seven aspects of the novel, all interpreted before each report goes out.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 2.47.56 PM.png