A New Page

After receiving dozens of emails from readers of The Bestseller Code asking us to run their manuscripts through our “bestseller-ometer,” Archer Jockers became a business in October of 2017.  We have operated for two years helping authors develop and improve their manuscripts.  The feedback we have gotten about our service has been heartwarming, and we have really enjoyed working with so many great writers. Writing The Bestseller Code and helping aspiring writers was always a passion project for the two of us. After two years in the business, we have both decided it is time to pursue other opportunities. 

Effective October 31, 2019 Archer Jockers will no longer be processing manuscripts.

Jodie has decided to pursue a full-time writing career. You will be able to find her at www.jodiearcher.com. Stay in touch via her sign up page there.

Matt meanwhile has teamed up with author-entrepreneurs J.D. Lasica and James Rosone to help create a new platform for independent authors that we plan to debut in a matter of weeks. Please check back here for an update.