The Hours Spent Forming a Digital Opinion

We are frequently asked how much time and research goes into adding a new feature to our manuscript analysis pipeline.  That's complicated because there is research and prototyping, then there is testing and quality assurance, and then there is implementation.  Our newest feature that identifies and extracts character personalities represents years of research, months of prototyping, and several weeks of heads down coding to get the implementation just right.    

Archer Jockers launches Character Personality Analysis

We have been first to the market of digital analysis of books and book discovery in lots of things. This week, we are excited to share a new addition to our products for authors and agents. We are able now to use computational research to highlight the key elements of characters across a novel. Author reports now feature bar graphs (like the one below) for key characters in every book we analyze. So far, authors are blown away by these data. Here’s a favorite for the women out there: Fifty Shades of Grey’s infamous hero Christian Grey, now the star of his own series. Send us your books for analysis. We now offer comprehensive feedback on seven aspects of the novel, all interpreted before each report goes out.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 2.47.56 PM.png

Happy New Year from Archer Jockers

Happy New Year!

We have heard that many of you have a new novel or a return to your manuscript among your resolutions. As an encouragement along the way, we have just introduced two new price points for Personalized Author Reports, starting at $229. Have a look at our services page.

We have been in business for authors for just over one month. Among Archer Jockers clients so far, we have a New York Times bestselling novelist, an author who just signed a two book deal, a couple of literary novelists, and two genre writers in crime who have given us outstanding feedback. It has been a real pleasure to engage with these authors and readers of The Bestseller Code on a one-to-one basis.

Our algorithm continues to improve. Since we published The Bestseller Code, we have updated the software with new innovations in thematic analysis, emotional benchmarking, and character type analysis.  And, just before the new year, the bestseller-ometer was awarded the "Innovation of the Year Award" at the University of Nebraska.  You can learn more about that in a short video here: Bestseller-ometer Wins Innovation Award

We are also now offering a discount code for returning writers who want to continue their relationship with us. So far every person we have worked with has expressed interest in working with us again.

You keep writing, we will keep innovating! All the best for 2018. We hope we see some of you on the lists!

Jodie & Matt.